Employee injuries, workers compensation claims, insurance costs and stepped up OSHA inspections and citations all affect your company’s morale, image, and bottom line.

Wasatch Safety Group’s services are provided by highly trained and qualified safety professionals and include the following:

Site Inspections – We will inspect and audit your jobsite to ensure compliance with company, client and OSHA safety requirements. Inspection to include, but not limited to use of tools and equipment, personal protective equipment, machine guarding, electrical hazards, fall hazards, excavation hazards, hot work hazards, and employee work practices. We will promptly provide you with a concise report outlining the condition of the site with photographs, along with our observations and recommended corrective actions.

Site Safety Specialist Staffing – We provide project specific site safety specialists that will audit your worksite, intervene with workers that are at risk of incident, keep a daily record of safety activities, lead toolbox meetings, provide just in time training, and make safety recommendations to project supervision.

Leadership Training – This course will discuss ways to build a positive safety culture through interdependence, effective leaders, and challenge/rapport. You don’t have to be a safety professional to be a safety leader. Whether you have new or experienced supervision, your team will benefit from this training that will enhance the quality of leadership in your organization.

Safety Program Development and Review – Are you getting the most from your safety program? An effective safety program will reduce injuries, reduce workers compensation costs, increase employee morale, improve production and reduce the EMR. We provide quality, cost effective safety support for your company while allowing you to keep costs low.

Hazard Communication Program Development – OSHA’s HAZCOM standard has recently been updated and there are new requirements your company is required to meet. We will create a new program, review or update your existing plan to ensure you avoid OSHA penalties.

Accident Investigation – We will investigate accidents and provide root cause analysis and recommended corrective actions to prevent reoccurrence of injury or accident.

OSHA Inspection/Citation Representation – Let us represent your company in the event of an OSHA inspection or citation. We will work with your company supervision to prevent costly safety citations. In the event a citation is issued, we will assist your company in evaluating and responding to OSHA. We will help develop a strategy in resolving the citation.  

New Worker Safety Orientation – We can prepare a contractor specific orientation for new employees that covers all mandatory OSHA training items.

Safety Pays – The true costs of an injury go far beyond the doctors expenses. This service will be tailored to your company’s incidents rates, injuries and loss runs. 


Making Safety Simple